Perspectives on Photo-Realism in Watercolor

Welcome To The Gallery!!!

Please feel free to click on the photos below to view a larger image of the Limited Edition Prints for sale. All prints are hand signed and numbered by the artist. All giclée prints are done on 140 lb. cold-pressed watercolor paper. The sizes are listed along with each print of each painting, which is printed in the actual size. All prints are done from the original pieces to allow for the maximum perfection in reproduction. Please enjoy your “roll” through the gallery and remember — no food or drinks allowed


Giclée Prints (Definition):


Giclée (pronounced zhee – clay) is a French noun in the feminine that means a spurt or spray of liquid. In giclée printing, this eliminates screen and/or other devices so there are no visible pixels or dot patterns and the image produced is as close to the original painting as possible, especially when produced from the original painting rather than from a photograph. Giclée prints are considered a type of fine art, associated with reproductions of multiple prints and limited edition prints. The first use of this context was made by Jack Duganne in 1991, Los Angeles, CA.


*** Please note that once my limited edition prints are gone, there will not be any further runs on those editions for those paintings. This increases the value of the giclée prints and keeps the integrity of my work in line with my own values. The limited editions are no bigger than 175 at this point. I have chosen the giclée printing process because it is the best form of reproduction available and on the highest quality papers. I have other works, some in progress, that are not on the site at this time.


Please make sure to single click on any of the thumbnails below to see a larger image of the painting — or, just click on the first one and this will take you to a slide show where you may view all available prints below. You may click on the arrows to either side to view samples of the prints………






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