Perspectives on Photo-Realism in Watercolor

A Little Bit About Me…

Me     I have been a realist ever since I can remember and a photo realist ever since I was in college. Everyone has their own experiences which makes them who they are, building character and giving them insight into their lives, discovering their Spiritual growth and the Path they are to walk upon in this Lifetime. My artwork is a window into my own such experiences, mixing my interpretations of the photographs I take with my paints, the right amount of water and brush-strokes with just enough emotion to bring them all to Life. I use my watercolors thick, almost as one would paint with acrylics or oils, instead of the traditional washes. This is the way I was taught to paint by Dr. Andreas C. Nomikos,  who I am so grateful to have had private study with for the duration of my college years at The University of Norh Carolina at Greensboro. Andreas was the most talented man I have ever known and dearly loved — not just by me, but by countless others worldwide.

      I was born with a congenital cataract in my left eye, which means that the cataract is part of the eye and not a growth on top of the lens. Back in those early days of my childhood, medicine was not nearly as advanced as it is now and nothing was able to be done without significant risk of me permanently losing that eye. I have gone through my entire Life with sight in only my right eye, but Oh — what sight it is!!!! This, to me, has always been a blessing. I have gained more insight and inner wisdom from the Beauty I see. As a fine artist I am able to capture all of this, and —-hopefully, pull my viewers’ attention into focus — if only for a few moments, to open up their hearts and minds to a closer examination of the Beauty and detail that is all around them in this amazing world we which we all live. Most people with two eyes don’t take the time to notice the things I see with one.

     I Love to paint almost anything — it’s really a matter of what strikes my heart and my eye at the same time. I Love painting wildlife, but I so Love painting those rusty old trucks and tractors. To me, it’s as if they have earned the right to wear that rust….