Perspectives on Photo-Realism in Watercolor

Moorestown Community House


Glicleé prints for sale only – same size as original
[Original is watercolor on Alphamount: 24″ h x 16″ w]

This is a depiction of the front doors of the historic old building, built back in 1923. This rendition has the old doors I knew when I was growing up there, which have since been replaced. Long ago it housed to town library with the rich smell of old books and knowledge where I used to spend hours studying old reference books of the masters I wasn’t allowed to take home. I taught tennis out in the back and worked for my grandmother in the kitchen and dining room, serving lunches for the Rotary and the Y’s Mens’ Clubs during the summers. I spent a lot of time going in and out of those front doors so painting them had a very special meaning to me. I was always fascinated by the beauty of the copper gutters, weathered and contrasted against the multitude of colors in the bricks.

Moorestown Community House                                                                                         PRICE:  $725.00
Moorestown Community House
PRICE: $725.00